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Stable Diffusion 3

A new diffusion transformer and better prompt understanding

SD3 bento

Better prompts

Stable Diffusion 3 is the newest model from Stability AI. It converts text into images and does a better job than ever before. It’s especially good when dealing with prompts that have multiple subjects. Plus, the images it creates are of higher quality, and it’s even better at spelling!

The best balance

This new version includes 800 million to 8 billion parameters. It offers a range of choices to users, allowing them to pick the best balance between scalability and quality for their creative projects. Stable Diffusion 3 uses a special structure called a diffusion transformer and a technique known as flow matching.

Early access

Stability AI has started a waitlist for an early access to Stable Diffusion 3.
This early preview is important, just like with past models, because it helps to make the model better and safer before everyone can use it.

You have the chance to join the waitlist on Stability AI news page

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